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Translate from Italian to English:

1. felice
2. ieri
3. cattivo
4. mia figlia
5. che ore sono?
6. una camera
7. c'è

Translate from English to Italian (use lower-case letters):

8. hello
9. thank you
10. the door
11. three
12. the head
13. tomorrow
14. expensive
15. the money

Complete the Translation:

16. I am hungry = ho
17. I need a cup = ho bisogno di una
18. How are you? = come ?
19. It is very late = È molto
20. I am learning Italian = Sto italiano
21. This is good food = Questo è il buon
22. I have eaten too much = Ho mangiato
23. I have drunk enough wine = Ho bevuto
24. Where is the bathroom? = Dov'è ?
25. I need your help = Ho bisogno del


Translate from Italian to English:

1. un bicchiere
2. dov'è
3. ci sono
4. adesso
5. il cuore
6. mi zio
7. un coltello
8. parla lentamente
9. domenica
10. mia sorella

Translate from English to Italian:

11. how many? ?
12. a plate
13. the finger
14. my brother
15. I need a glass
16. the beach
17. a tomato
18. the octupus
19. I like it
20. I am thirsty
21. a cow
22. a pig
23. we leave tomorrow
24. our
25. more
26. early
27. wash
28. the girls
29. my friends
30. the waiter

Complete the translation

31. My head hurts = mi la testa.
32. I already know that =
33. I want to try something different = Voglio qualcosa di diverso
34. Please close the window = Si prega di la
35. I saw a spider = Ho visto
36. I think you are wrong = Credo che
37. When does the next train leave = Quando parte ?
38. We arrive in the afternoon = Arrivamo


39. I have a daughter =
40. I don't want to leave =
41. How much does this cost? = ?
42. I want to wash my clothing =
43. I only have eight euros =
44. we need to buy a bottle of wine =
45. I am tired =
46. Where is the hospital? = ?
47. I would like to order something =
48. good luck =
49. I am embarassed =
50. Are you ready? = ?


Translate from Italian to English:

1. fare qualcosa per aiutarla -
2. non dimenticarti di chiudere a chiave la porta
3. Vorrei affittare un appartamento con due camere da letto
4. Ho messo la valigia nel soggiorno
5. C'è un bancomat vicino all'ufficio postale
6. Credo che hai lasciato il portafoglio sul tavolo
7. Si dovrebbe arrivare almeno un'ora prima della partenza
8. Ti ho aspettato davanti alla banca =
9. Questo è stato fatto con cipolle, aglio, vongole e pomodoro =
10. Non dimenticate di lasciarmi il vostro indirizzo =

Translate these words from English into Italian:

11. a towel =
12. the sun glasses =
13. the rain =
14. often =
15. a ball =
16. How is it written? =
17. to listen =
18. someone =
19. to watch =
20. to keep =
21. really =
22. to play =
23. to share =
24. a shoe =
25. the best =
26. the worst =
27. fun =
28. while =
29. few =
30. a purse =
31. to remember
32. to trust
33. the wheel =
34. to break =
35. the couch =
36. to begin
37. to learn
38. to touch
39. outside =
40. under =

Give the correct form of the verb:

41. My husband paid the bill = Mio marito il conto.
42. Your cousins drank the beer = I suoi cugini la birra
43. I went = io
44. I saw the movie = io il film.
45. I asked the waiter = io al cameriere.
46. I can't swim very well = Non molto bene.
47. She took my plate = Lei il mio piatto
48. We lost the game = Abbiamo perso .
49. This recipe uses eggs = Questa ricetta utilizza
50. I would like to sit down = sedermi

Give the correct form of the missing word:

51. I have two brothers = Ho due
52. There are too many rooms = Ci sono troppe
53. I would like three bottles = Vorrei tre
54. Let's stay for three days and two nights = Restiamo per tre e due
55. My legs are sore = Le mie sono doloranti.
56. I put the dishes in the sink = Ho messo nel
57.These books are expensive = Questi sono
58. I would like to learn three languages = Vorrei tre
59. I like red wine more than white wine = Mi piace più di vino
60. The map helped me find your street = La mi ha aiutato a la tua

Translate the following:

61. I would like to rent a car =
62. What's happening? = ?
63. I agree with you =
64. My backpack has been stolen =
65. Can I borrow your pen? = ?
66. I am not in a hurry =
67. Where is the grocery store? = ?
68. My last name is Hackett =
69. You are hurting me =
70. It's nice to meet you =
71. What did he say = ?
72. I don't understand anything
73. I prefer the small one
74. You've got a lovely bunch of coconuts =
75. What is your name? ?
76. a wooden box =
77. I don't trust you
78. These are my friends =
79. I have eaten enough food =
80. Marco fell on the stairs =
81. Be careful =
82. It is too late =
83. Please come back tomorrow at noon =


Translate the following. Be sure to include the first word as well:

a book
a house
the airport
my passport
a screen
a computer
a clock
the light
the red wine
the white wine
a fish
a shirt
the cheese
the table
the chair
the bird
a mouse
the sky
the cat
the dog
to open
to close
the basket
the pillow
a blanket
a pot
the paper
the tip
a candle
a cup
the bread
the bridge
the olive oil
a thought
the fridge
the time
one time
a year
the people
the weather
a way
the octupus
the floor
a day
a man
the neck
a night
a thing
a wine glass
a corkscrew
a woman
a life
a child
the world
a school
un state
a family
a student
a group
a country
a problem
a stick
a wall
the noise
there is
there are
a hand
a part
a place
a box
a week
a store
a program
a question
the work
the government
the fire
a number
a name
my last name
a night
the afternoon
a cousin
a knife
Don't worry
a spoon
a plate
a fork
the point
What do you mean? ?
an emergency
that's not what I mean
it doesn't matter
the water
a room
a bed
the sunglasses
the mother
an area
the money
a story
a fact
a month
a tree
a beach
an eye
a job
a word
a business
a shortcut
the side
a kind
a head
the dessert
a friend
a father
the power
an hour
a game
a sport
a line
the end
a church
the law
a key
a car
a city
the newspaper
play (v)
a team
a minute
an idea
the body
the back
a parent
the others
the office
a door
the health
a person
the art
the war
a party
a result
a change
the morning
a bottle
the reason
a map
the corner
the research
a girl
a boy
the teacher
the learning

Translate these common expressions (start with a capital letter):

Where is the bathroom? ?
I am hungry
I am thirsty
I am hot
I am cold
I am tired
Can you help me? ?
How are you? ?
When does the train leave? ?
What time is it? ?
My name is Christopher
I would like to order some food
I don't know
How old is your house? ?
I would like to rent a car
My wife has a license to drive
Can I use the phone? ?
What should we do? ?
I have no money, my friend will pay
I need a doctor
I am embarassed
What does this word mean? ?
I have to tell you something
No thank you madam, I'm a happily married man

Fill in the blank

Dormo su un
Il figlio di mi zio è mi

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